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7 Important Things to Consider While You Upload Junglee Feed

Step 1: Login to Amazon seller central account using the following link. For Junglee you need to login in instead of

Step 2: Learn the starter guide for

Step 3: Important things to be noted when you upload the product feed details.

1. %off: When you want to show the offer price like strict the original price and show the revised price with 30% off then we need to consider the following two columns.


price strick option

Required Fields to Fill:

  • Price
  • List Price


  • Price: 299
  • List Price: 500

so the 40% will display in Junglee with price strict option.
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5 Simple Steps to Implement the rel=author for Authorship

Step 1: We need Google+ profile for the author which we are going to use it in the blog section.

Step 2: Create author page like the below link and provide the Author’s Google+ profile in the author page and implement rel=”me” tag in that.

Sample URL:

Step 3: We need to provide the rel=”author” attribute in each of the author’s blog post. For example, when you consider the following post the rel=”author” is implemented like the below code.

Posted by<a rel=”author” href=””>Pandiyarajan</a>

Step 4:After login to your Google+ profile, please follow the link which will take you to the contributor section in the Google+ profile. You should add the website url like the below screenshot.
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