7 Useful Free Tools to analyze the Negative Keywords for your PPC Campaign

7 Useful Keyword Research tools

Today, I would like to share some ideas with you regarding negative keyword analysis to improve your campaign performance. After go through this blog post, you will get an idea to analyze the negative keywords for your PPC campaign. Please find the below example to analyze the negative keywords throughout this blog.
Example Campaign Details:
Product : Laptop Batteries
Moto: selling laptop batteries
Targeting country:India

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

As everyone knows, Google Adwords keyword tool gives you the keyword ideas for analyzing the negative keywords. If you provide the laptop batteries you will find the below kind of keyword ideas as shown in the screenshot. Google Adwords Keyword SuggestionAs per our scenario, we need to block the charging, charge etc.. from the above screenshot.

Bing Keyword Research Tool

We can use the Bing keyword research tool for analyzing the negative keywords. You can find some sample keywords which shows through the Bing research tool using laptop batteries as a keyword. Using the below list, we can get “computer battery”, “computer batteries”, computer etc.. as our negative keywords Bing Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Discovery:

Keyword Discovery is one more website where we can able to get the keyword ideas. Please find the below screenshot for laptop batteries keyword suggestions. Keyword Discovery Tool


Ubersuggest is one of the good tool to analyze the keyword ideas to block the unwanted keyword list. It will show you the ideas like the below format
“search query”+[[a-z]|[0-9]]

For example “laptop batteries”+a related keywords are

  • laptop batteries and chargers
  • laptop batteries austin
  • laptop batteries at best buy
  • laptop batteries asus
  • laptop batteries at walmart
  • laptop batteries atlanta
  • laptop batteries amazon
  • laptop batteries and power cords
  • laptop batteries atlanta ga

Based on the above suggestion, we can take “power cords”, amazon, atlanta, walmart etc.. as a negative keywords. Please find the below screenshot which shows the Ubersuggest keyword tool.
Ubersuggest Tool for Negative Keyword Analysis

Youtube Search:

We can use the Youtube search to find our negative keywords, based on the Youtube suggestion, we can take the negative keywords office, hacking, “how to fix”, repair, “how to option” and “how to recycle”. After the suggestion, we can put how as a negative keyword to block any procedure related queries.
Youtube Search Suggestion for Negative keywords

Google Search:

You can find the negative keywords through Google search suggestions. If you put laptop batteries then you will reach the below ideas. We can take the negative keyword as wiki, review etc.. After completing this, you can put “laptop batteries a”, laptop batteries b” etc.. to find out other negative keyword suggestions.
Google Search Suggestion

Related Search Queries:

Google normally provide searches related section for every search queries. You can select the negative keyword based on these suggestions. For our example, you can find life and gateway as the negative keywords. So you can search your targeted keyword to find searches related to your query.
Google Related Search Suggestion for Negative Keywords

Other Search Engine Suggestions:

We can use Ask.com and Yahoo.com to find more suggestions about the targeted keyword. Once you put the laptop batteries then we can able to explore many more ideas for generating negative keywords.

In general, we need to block the below common keywords when we are going to create the campaign for ecommerce websites.

  • Free
  • Info
  • Information
  • Define
  • Definition
  • How
  • What
  • Reviews
  • Case study
  • Wiki
  • Wikipedia
  • Manual
  • Pdf
  • Download
  • Pic
  • Picture
  • Image
  • article
  • articles
  • about
  • difference

For further clarification, you can contact [email protected] to rectify all your Adwords related queries. If you want to add some more useful tools then you are most welcome to add it in the comment section.

  • Excellent post, Pandiyarajan. Thanks for the the suggestions for trying to find negative keywords.

  • Entail

    This post just looks like you have converted keyword research tips post into a negative keywords research tips post. Why should anyone spend so much time to find negative keywords like power cords (when your campaign keyword is laptop batteries) and select country US in ubersuggest when your campaign scope is India!!

    • pandiyarajan1

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

      Negative keywords are the main factor while you consider to improve the CTR in Google Adwords. They should work on the negative keywords to avoid unwanted impression. Negative keyword is also a keyword research tips only. But I guide, how to get the negative keywords out of it.

      When you consider ubersuggest, we can select which language only not any specific country. Please let me know if you need further clarification

  • Sameer Khan

    Good info. Suggest me the best tutorial for PPC.

    • pandiyarajan1

      I will try to write one beginner guide post soon.

  • mike

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  • Hollo Krisztian

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