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How to Audit Existing Google Adwords Campaign?

If you setup a new campaign, you can easily structurize your Adwords campaign as per your wish. But if you are going to handle the existing Adwords campaign then you need to know the current performance of the Adwords campaign to improve the same. So, where do you start? and how do you start?. Please find the below presentation to know the step by step procedure to audit existing campaign effectively.

Campaign Audit Roadmap:

  • Campaign Level Analysis
  • -Settings
  • -Scheduling Analysis
  • –Day Part Analysis
  • –Hourly Data Analysis
  • -Geographic Location Analysis
  • Adgroup Level Analysis
  • -Keyword
  • -Adtext

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7 Useful Free Tools to analyze the Negative Keywords for your PPC Campaign

7 Useful Keyword Research tools

Today, I would like to share some ideas with you regarding negative keyword analysis to improve your campaign performance. After go through this blog post, you will get an idea to analyze the negative keywords for your PPC campaign. Please find the below example to analyze the negative keywords throughout this blog.
Example Campaign Details:
Product : Laptop Batteries
Moto: selling laptop batteries
Targeting country:India

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

As everyone knows, Google Adwords keyword tool gives you the keyword ideas for analyzing the negative keywords. If you provide the laptop batteries you will find the below kind of keyword ideas as shown in the screenshot. Google Adwords Keyword SuggestionAs per our scenario, we need to block the charging, charge etc.. from the above screenshot. Read more