How to Audit Existing Google Adwords Campaign?

If you setup a new campaign, you can easily structurize your Adwords campaign as per your wish. But if you are going to handle the existing Adwords campaign then you need to know the current performance of the Adwords campaign to improve the same. So, where do you start? and how do you start?. Please find the below presentation to know the step by step procedure to audit existing campaign effectively.

Campaign Audit Roadmap:

  • Campaign Level Analysis
  • -Settings
  • -Scheduling Analysis
  • –Day Part Analysis
  • –Hourly Data Analysis
  • -Geographic Location Analysis
  • Adgroup Level Analysis
  • -Keyword
  • -Adtext

Contact me if you have any assistance on the Adwords Campaign.

  • Ranjanraji

    HI Pandiya,

    Good for the beginner, as the optimization strategy and example have been put very well with pictorial format to understand well. Before you can delete or pause a given campaign, adgroup, keyword or adcopy, it’s recommended to know, why it didn’t perform, as you’re clear with the pros & cons, and can avoid in the future optimization.

    • pandiyarajan1

      yes Ranjan,

      we can easily explain the pros and cons to the client or the manager about the campaign performance.

  • Sameer Khan

    Hey Pandi,

    Really a helpful post for me as a beginner. Shown a clear picture on campaign section.

    Expecting another detailed post on bidding process in PPC.

  • dean jackson

    As an advertiser, one of the coolest features now availabe on PPC ads to mobile devices is the Click-to-Call feature. Now you can generate inbound lead calls to your business and all prospects have to do is click one button on their phone when they see your ad. Once you’ve got it setup, all you have to do is optimize your ads to generate increasingly more calls. You can actually even track calls, but that’s technical. If you’re interested in that, I recommend you call Simon who will at least get you a free audit on your PPC campaign to help you improve results. His number is 302-401-4478.

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