How to Install the Google Analytics for Your New Website

Step 1: Create the Google account

If you want to use your Gmail account then there is no need to create any Google account process. You want to use your domain specific email, Hotmail, AOL etc.. So please follow the below link to create the Google account for your email address.

Step2: Signup with Google Analytics

Once you created Google account then login to Google Analytics using the following link You will reach the signup page. Click the signup button to reach the following screenshot related page and fill your details as per the below sample screenshot. Now you can click the create account button to reach the next step.

Google Analytics Signup Window

Step3: Install Google Analytics code in Website

After the step 2 you will landup in the installation code window. Google will provide asynchronous Javascript Analytics code for installing into your website. You need to place the code before </head> tag in your website. Please find the below screenshot where you will get the Google Analytics code.

Google Analytics Tracking Code Window

Step4: Receiving Data

After installing the Google Analytics code, you will receive the data within 24 hours . Now you are able to access the Google Analytics account for your websites. Please feel free to discuss with me on any of your queries.

  • Sameer Khan

    Nice google analytics installation guide for the beginners.

  • dean jackson

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