How to Promote an Infographic

How to Promote Infographic

Press Release Submission:

Create the press release based on the infographic which you have created and spread them through free and paid newswire sites. We can easily reach out the media people and possibility of getting the media attention on our infographic.

Sample Structure:

  • Company information on the first paragraph
  • Infographic highlighted part on the second and third paragraph
  • Related Links section where you need to place the infographic image and blog post link
  • About [Company Name] section

Target People: Media People
Sample Site list:

Blog Post:

We need to write the blog post based on the infographic and post it on official blog to target subscribed people. Blog post should follow the following structure.


  • Must have the social share buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ to ease the user to spread our infographic to their social networks.
  • When we click the image, it should expand to its bigger version for reading the infographic clearly.
  • Insert embed code – users can easily spread our infographic post details to their blog post.

Target People: Blog subscribers

Infographics Submission Sites

There are list of infographic directory where we can submit our infographic to spread the information. Normally, directory webmasters write their own description about the infographic. However we need to ask them to provide “infographics created by: Company Name” after the infographic image. Don’t promote your infographic for link building purpose.

Targeted People: Infographic interested people
Sample Site List:

Social Media Promotion

Official Social Profile Spread: Every company has good amount of followers through their social media profiles. So we need to spread our infographic information through our official social profiles.
Linked promotion: Find the niche Groups related to our infographic and join for the participation to share our infographic news.
Facebook Promotion: Collect the Facebook page, groups and Notes which suits to your infographic and share with our latest infographic details to them.
Twitter promotion: Collect the top industry people related to the infographic and put the mention to them.
Pinterest promotion: Collect the infographic shared people and tweet them

Targeted People: Socially active people

PPT Promotion:

We need to break the large infographic image and create the PPT based on the images. Now, we can able to spread our information to PPT promotion sites.

Targeted People: Looking for information through PPT
Sample Sites List:

PDF Promotion:

You can convert the PPT format as PDF and spread through the PDF submission sites.

Targeted People: PDF interested people
Sample Sites List:

Video Promotion:

We can create the video based on the infographic using some video creation softwares. If possible add the background voice for the same. Once we created, we can spread the video through video sharing sites

Targeted People: Video searching people.
Sample Site List:

Question and Answer Site Participation:

Search the questions related to our infographic and reply on those questions. We can reach the people those who are interested to infographic.

Sample Sites:

Infographic is one of the viral content creation process. If we reach the right people/website with your infographic then it will spread automatically.

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