7 Important Things to Consider While You Upload Junglee Feed

Step 1: Login to Amazon seller central account using the following link. For Junglee you need to login in Amazon.in instead of Amazon.com

Step 2: Learn the starter guide for Junglee.com

Step 3: Important things to be noted when you upload the product feed details.

1. %off: When you want to show the offer price like strict the original price and show the revised price with 30% off then we need to consider the following two columns.


price strick option

Required Fields to Fill:

  • Price
  • List Price


  • Price: 299
  • List Price: 500

so the 40% will display in Junglee with price strict option.

2. Discount amount: If you want to show the price like the below image then you need to fill the following details in the product feed.

Discount amount

Required Fields to fill:

  • Discount Amount
  • Sale Start Date
  • Sale End Date
  • Junglee Exclusive Offer
  • Offer Promo Code

3. Other Image Options: You want to show more than one image in Junglee like the below screenshot then you need to fill the other image section in the feed

other image option

Required Fields to Fill:

  • Other image-url1
  • Other image-url2
  • Other image-url3
  • Other image-url4
  • Other image-url5

4. Immediate Junglee Updates: If you want to avoid the review process in Junglee when you upload new or old products then you need to fill the following two columns
Required Fields to Fill:

  • Standard Product ID
  • Product ID Type

5. Keyword optimization in Junglee: If you want to optimize your products in Junglee search. For example, your product is Levis jeans then you need to use the following fields to do the same.
Required Fields to Fill:

  • Title
  • Keywords1
  • Keywords2
  • Keywords3
  • Keywords4
  • Keywords5


  • Title: A1 Levis Jeans for Boys
  • Keywords1: Levis Jeans
  • Keywords2: Boys Jeans
  • Keywords3: kids jeans
  • Keywords4: Baby Jeans
  • Keywords5: Children Jeans

6. Bullet Points: Want to showcase your highlighted points like the below screenshot then we need to use the following feed details.

Bullet points in Junglee

Required Fields to Fill:

  • Bullet point1
  • Bullet point2
  • Bullet point3
  • Bullet point4
  • Bullet point5

7. Filter Options: If you really need to place products in Junglee’s color and size filter in the left side then use the following fields

Required fields to Fill:

  • Size Map
  • Color Map

Webinar From Junglee for Product feed upload process.

Amazon Support Response for Required fields to make all the products live.

Targeted : means they are still not live and some information is missing.
All : means they will come up live – If still they are not live, please do a partial update with the price and correct link.

For clothing category here are the required attributes :

  • Brand
  • Colour Name
  • Material
  • Description
  • Size Map : Please enter any one size example “M” or Free Size